Hey now,
For those of you kind folks who want to compensate me for my time, hereís a hint: I like STICKERS. Any cool sticker is a nice thank you for my time. I donít require it, but itís nice to get. Anyway, these are my general rules and guidelines I like to follow for b+ps. For some of you, this will be old hat, but please read this to see if you have any problems with the way I do b+ps:

Everything I have is listed on my page CD page (http://phishhook.yi.org/lists/scottj420) or my tape page (http://www.geocities.com/wspanic75/tplst.html) and I only update it when I get new shows. In other words, if you donít see something on my list DONíT ASK ME FOR IT because I donít have it. I always check quality (some are better than others) on tapes and CDs before I spin so donít send anything until I finalize with an email. After you ask me for a show for b+p (usually limited to one show), I will check the quality and tape lengths (or # of CDs) and get back to you with my address. Put the correct tapes (MAXELL II ONLY) or CDs (SONY OR VERBATIM) *****NO CASES***** in a bubble mailer and address it to yourself. Include enough stamps to get the package back to you ( the post office will weigh it and tell you how much it will take to get it back to you) and a note reminding me what Iím spinning for you (AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!!) so I donít get my B+Ps confused. DO NOT SEAL IT! Put that mailer inside of a bigger envelope and address the outer one to me. My turn around time when Iím not overloaded is normally between 1-3 days. I try to email each person and let them know that their shows are in the mail. If you donít hear from me or have your tapes two weeks after you send them, feel free to email me. If any of this is unclear or if there are any other questions, also please feel free to contact me. Email me at wspanic75@yahoo.com These are instructions, the rules on My CD Page apply.